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Ono što mnogi ne mogu da pogode i nakon čega ostaju u još većem šoku jeste - broj njenih godina

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foto: Printscreen/Instagram/jessicaenslow
foto: Printscreen/Instagram/jessicaenslow

Džesika Enslov je majka sedmoro mališana koja je za kratko vreme uspela da zapali društvene mreže, ni manje ni više nego svojim izgledom.


Uz Espreso aplikaciju nijedna druga vam neće trebati. Instalirajte i proverite zašto!


Ljudi su oduševljeni njenim izgledom i malo ko može da poveruje da je ova žena rodila čak sedmoro dece.


Džesika je postala pravi primer kako svoj izgled dovesti do savršenstva, ali i zadala zadatak mnogim majkama širom sveta.



Međutim, ono što mnogi ne mogu da pogode i nakon čega ostaju u još većem šoku jeste - broj njenih godina.


Šta mislite, koliko ih ova lepotica ima?



Sada razmislite i probajte da pogodite.



WHY DO I STILL HAVE ABS WHEN I HAVEN'T BEEN WORKING OUT?? 🤔 A lot can happen to a physique over 2-3 weeks. The fact that I haven't worked out much lately has me wondering why I've been able to maintain my physique. I truly feel ⬇️: 1. I've increased my muscle mass over the past 5 months, due to weight training 6 days a week. Muscle burns fat at rest, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn doing nothing but breathing. 2. Taking @warriorfuel_supps HERS pre-workout every morning with my breakfast. I don't believe supplements alone will make you lose fat, at least not safe ones. HERS does contain some caffeine and a thermogenic to help increase your metabolism and burn fat, but I have never gotten the jitters or crashed on this stuff👌🏼. I've also noticed my appetite is not as big on days that I take it. {Code: jessicafit for those who'd like to try it. Pink Burst tastes like candy, FYI😋}. 3. Diet really is 80% of why you look the way you do. I've been diligent in making sure I eat the same foods I was while on prep {legit...eggs, oatmeal, fruit, chicken and cottage cheese are my every day staples}, but I've been eating intuitively (eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full). I still have an occasional treat. {🙊..umm two donuts last night🍩🍩} WILL I MAINTAIN THIS PHYSIQUE WITH THIS REGIMEN? I don't believe so. I will start to lose muscle mass if I don't do enough weight training and then my metabolism will start to decline. If I keep my calories low enough to stay thin I would likely lose muscle tone- a.k.a. #pancakebooty. Current goals: Eat well balanced meals. Workout 4-5 days/week. Right now I'm pretty happy with my body. It's okay to be at peace with yourself and enjoy life. It's also okay to push yourself and have goals you're working toward! That decision is yours to make! 😘 #bikinicompetitor #ifbb #bikiniathlete #bbgmom #bikiniprep #bbgcommunity #girlswholift #utahfitfam #transformation #mealprep #progress #fitover30 #fitspo #fitness #bbgover30 #fitover40 #weightloss #bodyafterbaby #mombod #beforeandafter #girlswholift #fitnesstransformation #fitmom #cardio #fitmum #bbgbabe #bikinibody #tbt #warriorfuel #throwbackthursday

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Prvo dete dobila je 1994 godine. Da li vam je sada malo lakše?


Čekajte, šok tek sledi - najmlađi mališan na svet je došao 2013. godine.



Još uvek ne možete da pogodite? E pa verovali ili ne - Džesika ima 43 godine, a njena tajna je u zdravoj ishrani i vrednom i predanom vežbanju.




The ship has sailed ⛵️ on a 2018 New Year’s post for me, 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’ll spare you my year in review, as I’m sure we’ve all seen at least 200-300 years worth of people’s lives in the past few days! 😂 And so here we find ourselves on a #transformationtuesday & yes, I know I’m 9 months pregnant & in labor with @codyenslow on the left, but as I’ve said before, anyone who thinks pregnancy transformations don’t count probably has never given birth! Not only do you often gain some extra fat, but a woman’s uterus stretches to 500 times it’s normal size, and then returns to its normal size within about a month! Yes, our bodies are so resilient, especially when we take care of them. I’ve realized that if you find something you love, you’re more likely to stick with it! I now know I pretty much hate plyometrics & running, but I love #weighttraining & #cardio on the elliptical. I’m done following the trends & fads that come & go. Thanks to @shaneheugly I know that any form of cardio will work & luckily for me, weight lifting will help sculpt & shape your physique nicely. 👌🏼 Here’s to achieving our goals in 2018! Happy New Year friends! 🎉♥️ • • • • • • #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitmums #fitmamas #fitmoms #transformations #weightlosstips #trainlikeagirl #loveyourselfmore #abworkout #armworkout #fitspo #utahfitfam #utah #utahfitness #howtoloseweight #antiaging #postpartum #countingmacros #momswholift #momlife #pregnantlife #beachbody #bikinibody #glowup #bodyafterbaby #girlsgonesporty

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